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Linen Fabrics

Linen fabric is a natural product that is friendly to person's health and gentle to the skin. It lets your skin breathe and has special abilities to cool during hot summer days and warm in wintertime.

We produce 100% linen and half-linen (linen/cotton), washed and non-washed fabrics.
Our fabrics can be of natural (grey) linen colour, bleached, woven from coloured yarns or piece dyed. We offer dozens of fabrics, from plainly coloured to checked, striped, otherwise patterned and jacquard - all depends on the client's desires and imagination.

95% of our fabrics are woven from dyed yarns, instead of being woven first and only then dyed. Fabrics manufactured this way are of much higher quality and more in-demand; colours and the overall look of it are way more desirable than of fabrics dyed after weaving.

Some of our fabrics undergo special treatments (chemical or mechanical softening, sanforization) to make them much softer, less stiff and shrink-resistant.

Regular fabric width is either 150cm or 180cm, but there are several fabrics that can be as wide as 50cm (for towels) or 280cm (for bed sheets).

The weight of fabrics:

100% linen - from 87g/m up to 320g/m
Half linen (linen/cotton) - from 110g/m up to 250g/m

   We update our collection of fabrics every season according to the latest home textile and apparel trends and tendencies.

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